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COVID-19 Update and New Measurements

Last week we posted a notice about increased hygiene and precautionary measures that we would be implementing for the safety of our staff and customers. Due to increased concerns of COVID-19 spreading in Myanmar now that we have official reported cases in Yangon, we have taken the decision to further protect you and our employees while we do all we can to remain open for Golfers to enjoy the Course with the utmost caution. Effective from Monday 30th March the below protocols will be enforced until further notice;

  1. 1:1 Caddie service will no longer be available.

  2. Golfers have 3 options; 1, Carry your bag. 2, Pull a trolley. 3, Rent a Golf buggy.

  3. 1 Caddie per flight in the course will follow behind Golfers to conduct normal caddie maintenance such as bunker raking, divot and ball mark repairs but the caddie will not be within distance to offer any personal services. We hope that the flight of Golfer(s) whether 1, 2, 3 or 4 players will all contribute to provide this Caddie with a tip which is paid at your discretion.

  4. The usual mandatory Caddie fee will be discounted to 6,000mmk per person during this period.

  5. No more Putting Green flag sticks to avoid contamination.

  6. Foam will be inserted to the bottom of each flag stick to intentionally prevent the ball entering the hole to further avoid mass contamination retrieving your ball and removing the flag stick. When you ball contacts the foam you can assume this was a holed stroke. The flagsticks will remain and do not need removing / touching.

  7. We will be operating with 30% Caddie attendance compared to normal with 70% taking paid leave. The Front Office will have a TIP donation bucket for all caddies not able to collect tips like normal which will be shared and paid upon their return.

  8. We have engaged pest control sanitizing of all public and staff areas, daily.

We do hope you will understand the reasons we have decided to take the above actions which is only for the utmost protection of you as our valued customers and of course our employees. As we try to reduce the amount of staff coming to work and of course the high risk contamination factor during contact between Golfers and Caddies. We expect this precaution to be effective for the month of April but depending on the situation in the region we will adapt accordingly to reduce, extend or comply with any government regulations.

WHO advise on the link below for good practices and how to do in case of infection or to prevent infection:

Stay safe, keep the best hygiene and thank you for your continued support.

Stephen Chick

Golf Director

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