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Urgent PHGC Closure Notice to Members

Dear Members

I trust this finds you well. Just as I was planning to implement a return of the 1:1 caddie service with safe protocols in place I regret to inform as per the government announcement on 20/9/20 we will be sadly closing the course until 7th October with hope we can open once this period has passed. I appreciate this may be frustrating for many but as Covid19 cases in Myanmar are on a severe rise and with Golf being a recreational non-essential sport we must abide by MOHS / Government regulations at this difficult time and be aligned with Pun Hlaing Estates increased precaution to code red.

The maintenance team will be using this Golfer down time fruitfully as best we can to execute some works that would be difficult with regular Golfers and which might have a short term ugly result but the long term benefits will be well worth it and you will be able to follow the progress of our maintenance works on social media @punhlainggolf on Facebook or Instagram.

On behalf of all the team, we all hope to return and open the doors as soon as it is deemed possible. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation at this challenging time.

Stephen Chick

Golf Director

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